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Who we are

Our team, comprised of operators, investors, designers, analysts, and experts, specializes in developing, expanding, and nurturing cryptocurrency projects.

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A team of Rocket Scientists

Nathan Image

Nathan Benchimol


After many years in wealth management at Swiss private banks, Nathan became passionate about decentralized finance and Web3. By following closely current events in the sector, he supports rigorous crypto-picking based on a fundamental analysis with multiple criteria.

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Yann Mastin


A trained engineer, Yann worked at Total Energies and Helmerich & Paynes where he learned the importance of precision and methodology before embarking on a career as a data analyst and developing an interest for blockchain.He now designs and applies deep analysis and modeling processes for Nomiks.

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Alexandre Marty


With a degree from Ecole Centrale Paris and a Masters in Applied Mathematics from Polytechnique Montreal, Alexandre has always been at the crossroads of tech, data science and product development. A tech leader accustomed to working with startups, he worked as CTO for Datapred, then for Veltys with a focus on consulting and strategy. Today, as CTO of Nomiks, he is in charge of our technology strategy and application development.

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Techies & Economists, all web3 veterans

Sylvain Druais-Ladure

Token Engineer

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Pascal Duval

Research Analyst

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Laurent Noël

Tech Lead

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Léo Delion


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Maxence Perray


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Youssef Gharbi


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Yann Jezequel


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Board of Advisors & Partners


Sébastien Borget


Renowned Web3 entrepreneur, Sébastien brings us his network and helps us build our vision.

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Thomas France

Ledger Co-Founder

Ledger co-founder and serial entrepreneur, Thomas is an early blockchain adopter and provides us insight on market trends and direction.

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Nicolas Pinto

Scientist & Deep Learning

Nicolas is a deep learning AI scientist and exited his company to Apple in 2014.

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