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Case Studies

Endorsed and acknowledged by key players within the web3 community, validating its credibility and significance within the evolving landscape of decentralized technologies.

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A successful fan token launches

Chiliz, the blockchain platform powering fan engagement through sports fan tokens, demonstrated the potential for blockchain technology to revolutionize fan experiences in the sports industry. Through partnerships with top sports organizations such as football clubs and esports teams, Chiliz enabled fans to purchase and trade digital assets representing their favorite teams.

Case Study Highlights


Users engaged


Partnerships with sports team


Market cap

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The Sandbox

A groundbreaking virtual land development

The Sandbox, a decentralized virtual gaming platform, embarked on a groundbreaking virtual land development initiative to empower users to create, share, and monetize their own gaming experiences. Through the sale of digital land parcels as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), The Sandbox enabled users to own and customize virtual real estate within its metaverse.

Case Study Highlights


the percentage of LAND plots are owned by the community


Registered user wallets


Assets created

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Revolutionizing Digital Collectibles with NFTs

Ta-da, the blockchain platform for data collection, is revolutionizing the sector by enabling users to provide high-quality data through a web and mobile application. With exceptional flexibility, companies can customize their requirements. Blockchain ensures security, transparency, and traceability, while the TADA token guarantees fair remuneration for the community. Ta-da aims to become the standard for data collection, offering consumers the ability to submit customized criteria and pricing requests.

Case Study Highlights


Completed tasks


Beta Users


Tasks in 24 hours

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